Saturday, January 4, 2014

It Wasn't All Bad

Within the next couple weeks the daughter is going to a dance at the local Boys, and Girls Club. They have these every month except the theme for this month is Winter Formal. Wanting a new dress for the dance I came up with the idea of going to some Goodwill Stores that were farther than the usual trip I make most weeks. One of the planned stores I only get to visit when going to the card show in Beaverton. There are other rare occasions I get to visit this store, but it is rare still. First I wanted to hit one of the stores I get to quite often in hopes she might find something. Even if she did the plan was to still go north, and hit the rare store.

Entering the first store we both headed off in our different directions. Only one item in the store caught my eye. The item was a bear salt shaker or maybe pepper in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform.

It looked like the ones above. I can't remember which one of the two it was as I left it behind. Just wasn't quite sure if any of the Dodgers bloggers out there would be interested in it as I haven't traded with any of you. After deciding to pass on the shaker it was time to see what the daughter had come up with for choices. One seemed decent, and got the go see how it looks on you treatment. Liking how it looked, but feeling it just wasn't THE dress, she passed.

Our next option was to go visit the store I was looking forward to as I've had some great success in the past getting bobbleheads. Arriving we did the going off on our own to see what the offerings were. Along the way I found a Rhubarb bobblehead. For those that don't know Rhubarb is the mascot for the Tacoma Rainiers. Excited about the discovery I went over for the daughter to try on two dresses. As you see I don't have a picture of the Rhubarb bobblehead. The reason for this is he didn't get to come home with me. While the daughter was trying on dresses I noticed Rhubarb looked like he once had two stickers on his uniform that was missing. Despite this I was still sold on him until noticing that his right antler was broken, and missing. The broken antler ended up being the deal breaker.

My next goal was to head farther north, and go to a card shop. I've known about this shop for a few years, but only get to it every two years or so. Since the last trip its been more like three years if not longer. Wanting to do some damage to some of the sets I'm working on we heading to the shop. Once inside I got lucky, and hit two different sets.

The first hit was to the 2013 Chasing the Dream subset. Other than building a base set for series 1, 2, and update. This subset is the only one of the many subsets for 2013 Topps flagship that I am building. Currently the missing cards stand at #2 (Mike Trout), and #24 (Brett Lawrie). I know I have Brett around here someplace,and need to find where I placed it. Once that is done all that is missing will be the toughie in Trout.

2010 Upper Deck Ballparks, I call this one of my self created subsets. I picked up two of these at a card show in 2013, and immediately wanted to get all 30 stadiums. This led to some research on the cards, and a list for the set. While going through the list of missing cards the shop owner said building this set alone was a pretty cool idea. While I am only showing four of the cards I managed to buy 12 of the missing cards. Leaving the grand total in this set at two cards #547 (Great American Ballpark) and #567 (Tropicana Field). Both cards will have to come via trades as I've hit the card shops I know of around here that sell singles, and am still missing the two cards.

Ending this journey on a funny note. While buying cards we talked to the owner some, and mentioned what we were up to. Glad to help he pointed us to a Goodwill just a couple miles away from his shop. Thinking we had nothing to lose we made the trip. While there I found an advertising baseball for the Bend Bandits. It wasn't in perfect shape, but I had to buy it as I lived in Bend during the time the team existed. The daughter had success in this was the shop she found her dress. The funny part is it was a dress we thought about buying at our first stop, and passed on. This version just seemed in better shape, and thus came home.


  1. Hey Cat - Got the '13 Trout Chasing the Dream & the Great American Ballpark #547 coming your way via PWE from your friend at the Sportscard Mask-a-Rade.

  2. Email me your address and I'll send you #567 Tropicana Field.