Saturday, January 18, 2014

Even When I Lose It Turn Out Great

Despite that it is only a little over two weeks into the new year. I can't get this feeling out of my head that this is going to be a great year for the cat. This morning the wife mentioned that instead of me doing my usual running around hitting the Goodwill's in Salem or wherever. We should head over to town as she wanted to do some grocery shopping. She was even willing to let me drag her to another Goodwill I barely ever get to. This store gets less visits from me than the one near Portland. The reason is there isn't much to do in town so unless there is some sort of errand that forces me to town. I just never make my way over.

Arriving at the store, and going in. Once inside I headed over to the toys section. Toys is where this store will put any baseball cards when they have them. Looking around they had two boxes of cards. One box was a factory set of 1992 Donruss which I had zero interest in. The second box which was half full contained some 1993 upper deck cards. To me the price they wanted for the box was more than I was willing to ante up for 1993 cards. From there I made my way around the store before eventually leaving empty handed.

One of the great things about this town though is they have a 'Great Harvest Bread'. Going in we were only interested in getting a fruit bar for myself, a Kahuna bar for the daughter, and a cinnamon roll for the wife. What we left with was a few more items than planned. It seems this weekend is the 16th anniversary of this particular stare. The employee mentioned if we bought one more item to put us over ten dollars total. They would give us a loaf of honey wheat bread for free. Being honey wheat is our favorite we bit, and bought two cookies instead of just one to make sure. All I wanted was the fruit bar so I'll be sticking with that.

Our next stop would be the Goodwill I visit more than any other. Being the closest store will do that. This store wouldn't yield any better results than my first store. Leaving empty handed for a second time is was off to the last stop before heading homeward.

Once home this is where my major win would happen. Wanting to relax I decided to watch some television. Problem is there was nothing on so instead of just sitting there. I headed straight into the hobby room. Turning on the CD player on I started putting my latest PWE acquisitions in their sets. Finishing this, and still wanting to do more with the baseball cards. The Nolan Ryan binder started calling to me for some attention. Proudly I can say I just finished getting all the 1990, 1991, and 1992 Ryan's all organized by years. While it might not sound like much it is 13 pages of cards. Until today the entire collection was just in the binder with zero organization. The lack of organization has led to me adding two copies of the exact same card into the binder a few times in the past. Now the groundwork has been laid so that this will hopefully not happen again. It also has me even more excited now about maybe doing more tomorrow while watching football.