Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Beware Of Masked Traders!

Earlier in the month the 4th to be exact. The cat posted about a day trip up to Portland. During said trip I made the attempt to complete two sets. Coming up short on both sets by a total of three cards. The first set was a self created 2010 Upper Deck, Ballparks. Missing two cards for this set I was close to begging for help. The second set was the 2013 Chasing the Dream, and  Mike Trout was the missing card.

In slightly over an hour of making the post Roger who runs the fantastic blog 'Sportscard Mask-a-Rade' stepped up with two of the three cards. Not only did he offer up two cards he started off by going after the Mike Trout card to start the party off right.

Subsets like Chasing The Dream are some of my favorites. With us being huge minor league fans here at the cat house. Any set or subset that focuses on the young players in the MLB is cool in my book. Throw in that big Angels logo in the background, and I was sold. This is the only subset for 2013 Topps flagship that I was interested in, and now its finished.

Ending this great PWE Roger hit me with Great American Ball Park. As I've said a few times on this very blog. I am a huge fan of baseball stadiums, no matter the team. The awesome thing about this card isn't just the picture. Much like Trout, this card completes another set. Not a bad start to the year if you ask me. Two sets taken down in one masked man, and his PWE.

All this has led me to believe. Beware of masked traders, and their PWE's. They will blow you away with what they can do with a simple PWE. Thank you so much for completing these two sets Roger. 

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  1. Always glad to help out a fellow collector!