Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Colin For MVP

Not long ago Colin who hails from the online trading group TradingBases sent out an e-mail to the group of some sets he was looking to finish. Luckily for both of us I had a few of the cards he was looking for. Embracing the inner blogger in me I never warned him that going through his webpage wants there were going to be some tagalongs. He asked for a warning if I found more for other sets, but what fun would that be? Sending him the cards he dropped an e-mail on me that a return would be coming full of cards for my 2003 MVP set.

Excited about getting some hits to a set that comes, and goes in the forgotten category. It seems like that the 2003 MVP will go for a long period with nothing. Then suddenly out of the blue a great trader like Colin will drop a batch of the cards on my doorstep.

The fantastic thing about what Colin did is not only did he drop some cards on me for the set. Colin dropped 42 cards off the list of remaining cards. What you see in this post is just a small sampling of the greatness Colin sent my way. Inspired by Colin's batch of cards. While at the card shop on Saturday I ended up buying two packs of cards which yielded a couple more cards that were missing. For not only the great package, but unknowingly pushing me to attempt more on the set. You are an MVP in my book Colin.

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