Friday, January 17, 2014

Tom Sets My Opening Day Line-up

While the set came out just under one year ago I am still working on completing the 2013 Topps Opening Day set, and subsets. Going has been very slow as I can't seem to find these cards anywhere. This is where Tom who runs the blog 'Waiting 'Til Next Year', and the cat crossed paths.

Tom had set the goal to try, and complete the 1987 Topps set. Doing the set he was running a contest to help with the completion process. Looking through what he needed I came up with two cards, and contacted Tom to let him know the cards would be on their way. No matter how the contest ends I have already come out a big winner thanks to the return trade Tom sent my direction.

What better place to start than with Seattle's new second baseman. Out of all the things the Mariners have done the last couple years. Signing Cano has gotten the people I talk to the most excited. Hopefully we get up to a game or two this year as I'd like to see him play in person.

Next Tom hit the Play Hard subset with two sweet looking cards.Gordon's card is kind of strange if you ask me, but Pedroia makes up for it with the sweet dive for the ball.

Following up the Play Hard's were some sweet Superstar Celebrations. If I had to give my opinion on what the deal is with these two cards I'd say. Ortiz is celebrating a home run near the dugout. Soriano is celebrating a game winning hit of some sort.

Rounding out all the fun Tom finished up with a Josh Reddick, Ballpark Fun subset.You can put me on the list of people who aren't too fond of these cards showing the pie in the face antics. I decided to attempt to build the entire 2013 Opening Day, and since these are part of that I'm collecting these as well.

Tom sent a great batch of cards my way. More than anything I was happy that I had two cards he needed for his 1987 project. Being able to help out a fellow blogger complete one of their goals is one of the great things about blogging. From what I can tell on Tom's blog. He completed the set, and is just waiting for the few remaining cards to arrive in the mail. Congrats on finishing so fast, and thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.

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  1. Thanks for helping. I'm glad I could find something of need to send your way in return!