Tuesday, January 14, 2014


This past Saturday I had the grand plan to make my way up to Portland, and hit the card show. Normally I go to the show on the other end of town. Thinking why not mix it up a bit, and do the other show. Problem was small bits of doubt were running through my mind. Being Christmas wasn't long ago my first thought was it might have less dealers than a normal show. Still thinking it might be fun to go, and see a show since its been awhile. Still on the fence as it would be a good idea the decision was made for me.

Watching the news they started talking about the high winds in Portland. Going with these winds were gusts that hit in the range of 45 miles an hour. Not a fan of dealing with gusts while driving a car at 65 I gave up on the whole idea of Portland. Wanting to still do something I decided on Salem, and hitting the two Goodwill's in town. Making my way into town I went to the first store where my best discoveries are usually found. Sadly I'll just leave it at I hit both stores in town, and came home empty handed. Looking to get a card fix I came up with the plan to hit the card shop in town between the two stores.

Going in I went straight for his 700 count boxes of 2013 singles. My goal was to see if there wasn't just some stuff in there for myself, but possibly some goodies for trading. While I didn't find much for my personal collection I did come up with the following cards which are all for trade. So if you need one or all the cards let me know, and they are yours.

2013 Topps

GOLD- #US123 Tom Gorzelanny (1754/2013)
EMERALD- #622 Alcides Escobar

Post Season Heroes- #19 Jim Palmer
Post Season Heroes- #1 David Freese
Chasing History- #100 Phil Niekro (shiny style)
Chasing History- #69 Sandy Koufax

Next is where this post gets its name from. Looking around the store I noticed a stack of three boxes of Opening Day on the shelf. Noticing that there weren't any 2013 boxes out to be opened I asked if he would bring down one of the boxes so I could get some packs of 2013 Opening Day. Buying four packs I saw the first four cards I will be showing. All of which are for trade.

2012 Opening Day

M-15 Kansas City Royals mascot
M-11 "Billy" The Marlin
Superstar Celebrations- #SC-5 Joey Votto 
Superstar Celebrations- #1 Matt Kemp

Thinking I was doing great as I can use a decent amount of 2013 Superstar Celebrations cards. I was pretty pumped, and bought two more packs.

Diving Catch - #ES19 Mike Stanton
Fantasy Squad- #FS23 Matt Kemp
blue parallel- #160 Carlos Ruiz (168/2012)

Wondering what was up as I didn't recognize the final two subset cards from 2013. It wasn't until arriving at home it finally hit me that I had just bought six packs of cards for a set I'm only building the mascot cards from. Sadly the two I got are two already in the collection. My moment of blindness might help someone out there with their set. If you are that person let me know, and lets get get these in your collection.

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  1. Probably a good call on the show, it was the smallest I remember. But it was still cool, since I only really buy from one dealer most of the time anyway!