Friday, January 3, 2014

West Michigan WhiteCaps Ballpark Fire

I believe this has been said over, and over again in this blog. If not I will say it now "I am a huge minor league baseball fan". Being a fan means when something like what happened today goes down I've got to write about it. Around 11 this morning a fire broke out at Fifth Third Bank Park. The stadium is home to the West Michigan WhiteCaps who represent the Detroit Tigers in the single A Midwest League.

From reading stories such as this one. The fire did serious damage to the skyboxes, and collapsed on some of the lower seating.

The good news is all the WhiteCaps employees got out safe with no injuries. On the bad side from reading the article. It seems that fire hydrants in the area are on the rare side. Only two were close which meant they had to use hydrants that were much farther. The longer distance slowed down the ability to put out the fire. WhiteCaps ownership plans on going all out to get the stadium rebuilt in time for their first game on April 8th. I for one am wishing the team best of luck in getting things ready for the season. I also hope this sends a message to any teams be them MLB or minor league. Make sure there are enough fire hydrants to take care of any possible fires. Ideally you will never have to use them, but just incase they are nice to have.

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