Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Voices Called Again

After missing out on going up north to the card shop on Monday I was about to get another shot at redemption. On Thursday work was having a slow day, and was looking for volunteers to leave at lunchtime. Not wanting to use any vacation I was good and turned down the opportunity. Then it happened...

A co-worker came up, and said come on go home. Still wanting to be good, the urge to go out and hit the local pizza buffet suddenly hit me. I asked if he wanted to do lunch, and the answer was sure. So suddenly I found myself leaving for lunch. While eating the voices started to call for me to make the trip north for baseball cards.Not wanting to waste their calls this time I decided to listen, and make the trek north. While up there a trip to the two Goodwill's in town sounded like a fun side-trip.

When I go into town I usually make a Goodwill stop, then card shop, followed by the second Goodwill. I don't know why I ever go to the second one as I hardly ever find anything of interest there, but the two times I did find something they have been useful. Entering into the first stop of the trip my only discovery was a Rally Monkey soap dispenser from an Angels giveaway. When I was in town a week or was it two ago that dispenser was there that day. After I left on Thursday it was still there as well. 

Next on the agenda was the part of the trip I was looking the most forward to. It was well after one o'clock when I was finished at the thrift store. This meant the card shop was going to be open for sure. Once inside I headed straight for the quarter boxes of commons. Starting with the 2013 Topps to see if there was some of the emeralds, or some chasing the dream subset cards. Last time I went through the box I found a few of the Chasing the dream cards, and didn't buy. This time I wasn't going to make the same mistake as I found only one card.

Looking through more boxes I found a player card for the Nicasio, collection, and a card for the 'This Is Going To Hurt' series. I started a quick glance through two boxes he had labeled as one dollar boxes. Nothing drew me in as I thought why not buy a couple packs of 2013. Looking at the box he had a deal for three pack purchases so I bit. I was able to hit two of the Spring Fever cards which despite being a day late he was willing to redeem for me. I'll save those for a later date though. With spring break coming they might make an appearance then.

While everyone has shown tons of the cards I hit two that I hadn't seen yet, and was pretty excited. First up was the Griffey which ended up convincing me to buy another pack. The last pack is the one where I got the Ruth card.

After opening the fourth pack I needed to start the trip homeward. Another thrift shop stop which ended up being another historic bust was the final leg of the journey. With the excitement still going from the card shop it didn't bother me though.

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