Friday, March 8, 2013

Northwest League Changes

I just noticed yesterday that in November that one of the local teams from the short season A league changed logos. This has been an interesting off season for the Northwest League, First we had the move of the Yakima Bears to Hillsboro. With that change came a brand new name as well.

The Hops are still affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The sad part is the new team ended up saddled with what ranks as one of the worst names, and logos in minor league baseball. They claimed at the time of the new identity that this wasn't their first choice. OH REALLY!! Imagine how bad the other name had to be for them to say, 'lets go with Hops instead'. The team claims the name will grow on people as it did on them. In this age of marketing it will be interesting to see how long they go through with this before changing names. On the bright side, the name pays homage to all the beer, and hops produced in this area so atleast it does have that going for it.

The new team logo that changed was for a closer team in the Eugene Emeralds.

The new logo I think gives the team a little more identity than the old logos. It's supposed to be a bigfoot as this is one of the main regions for bigfoot sightings. I showed it off to the wife, and I'll just say she is not a fan. I like it on a certain level, and think it will grow on me a little more. The one thing I think is even cooler is the new E logo.

This is going to be the hat logo. If I can find a fitted cap with this I might be interested this coming season in finally buying something from the Emeralds. The big part, and what I think was the genius of the new logo. I believe this is something that kids will like, I've read numerous times that the Lake Elsinore Storm hats are the most popular in all baseball. This is why you see those eyeballs popping up in all sorts of logos lately. This is a nice new change that hopefully works out.

Al this has gotten me more excited than a long time in going to some Northwest League games. Last season it was all college wood bat league. This year it will be a mixture of both due to all the changes.

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