Monday, March 11, 2013

Feeling The Heritage

I will start by saying the one thing that hasn't been any sort of secret with me. I just got back into the baseball card collecting hobby in November when I started this blog. While I dabbled a bit here, and there I wasn't serious about anything when it came to baseball cards. That being said I was out at the store looking for a few things, and decided to make a quick drop over to the baseball cards. While there I was toying with the idea of either a jumbo pack of the flagship or a pack of Heritage.

Fortunately for my blogging I bought the Heritage. Unfortunately I didn't buy the flagship. Instead of 36 cards, I ended up with nine cards. Throw in that not one of those nine cards will be going into my personal collection. Who knows if any of the other 36 would have made it, but I'm saying the odds would have been better.

While I sound bitter about the choice. I am, and at the same time I'm not. My bitterness comes from the fact that there are maybe two or three decent cards in the entire pack. All three of those are cards that hopefully I can turn into something I would love to have in my personal collection. I have seen the checklist for this set, and there are some cards I'd love to add. To not even get a sniff of anything that I can use was a huge disappointment.

While I'm no expert on card designs due to my time away. I can say that personally I don't mind the design. Don't get me wrong though. I have no desire to even think about building this set. My only run-ins with this set will be trying to collect the players for my personal collection. A few packs might make their way into the hands when I run up to the store, but those will be very few between purchases.There could even be a possibility that these could be the only pack I buy.

A bad pack for me could mean something good for you. If anyone wants any or all these cards let me know as I'd be more than happy to get them to you.

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