Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday Meant Chores

If you've been following the blog since day one you know that whenever I can on Monday's I get out for special trips. Since the holiday season ended these trip haven't been every week, but they still contain my same journeys. This week I kept it simple due to a combination of things. One was the wife is now home sick with the cold I had last week. The other is it's Spring Break for the daughter.

With these going on I thought it would be best to not travel more than the 10 miles into the next town. Throw in a girl from the wife's work was supposed to come over, and try to see about getting acquainted with the dog. The dog part is the most important thing right now. We have a big trip down to Disneyland, and a short drop over to Las Vegas for a couple days planned in June. So we need a dog-sitter, and fast.

Keeping it simple I decided to head over to the Goodwill, and look for treasures. Two items drew my attention, but in the end I left empty-handed. The two items were a D-ring binder, and a Ken Griffey Jr. plaque. The plaque interested me alot, but it had two faults I just couldn't overlook. The first was the Griffey picture was wrinkled. I believe with a screwdriver I could have possibly fixed it by taking off the front, and re-flattening it. The second, and it's biggest problem was just to much to overcome. It was shaped like homeplate, but felt like it was made from plaster. The weight of that thing would have pulled the sheet-rock right off the wall.

Not willing to end this short trip with no goodies I headed for the Target three blocks away. Once inside I headed straight for the cards hoping for some Opening Day gold. Excitement followed as I bought six packs, and a jumbo. The subset stuff is what I am scattering throughout this post. Heading back home I couldn't wait, and had to open the packs once to the car.

Arriving back at home the daughter hit me with a barrage of 'I'm bored'. This inspired me to get some stuff done around the house today. First on the list was mowing the lawn. The wife has been complaining about the length all week, and discussed even paying to have it done. Money saved as it's now finished. Should try to talk her into some packs of cards for what she wanted to pay someone else to do it. Could probably get a box with the amount we would have paid.

With the daughter still bored I offered to let her help me work on the hobby room. I've had a five shelf bookcase that has been needing put together for three weeks. Resistance was futile as she finally gave in and helped put it together. Once finished she started the plan of attack for setting up items on the shelves. This is where things slowed to a halt. I got a Kyle Busch, K-Nex model for Christmas that hasn't been put together as I wanted to wait until there was space. She thought it needed to be the first thing finished, and ended up being the last.

The good news is the bookcase is done. The bad news is odds are it'll be another three weeks before I finally get things organized on it. Can't rush these things I guess.

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