Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Texas Rangers unused tickets

Every couple of years I drive an hour south, and go do some trading with a fellow schedule collector. While usually it consists of filling a few holes in my schedule collection. I gather up some schedules for future trading as well.

I can't remember how many years ago he had some goodies that have since made it into the Mark Teixeira collection. Being a collector of pocket schedules I have the collection of every schedule Tex has been on included with the baseball cards. This was something different that would have been impossible to get if he hadn't offered them up.These items were unused Texas Rangers tickets.

He didn't have a full booklet, but what he did have were very welcomed additions to the collection.

If you look closer there is something about these tickets that stuck out to me.

When was the last time you ever saw ticket prices that low? I believe from the section that it is way up in the nosebleed section, but it's three dollars! We go to single A short season games, and can't even get into the park for three dollars. If we lived in a town with major league baseball, and could go to games for that price I'd be willing to bet that we would be regulars.

I know you have the whole parking thing, and the cost of food. If Texas is anything like out here on the west coast, you just take the bus for a small cost. Parking is now not a problem you worry about. As for food you would just eat at home before the game. In Seattle they allow you to bring most food into the game so a sandwich or something cheap, and food is not a problem.

With two World Series appearances lately I'd be willing to bet that prices for Rangers games have gone up. It is fun though to look at these, and realize that less than ten years ago you could go to Rangers games for less than a minor league game.

The wild thing about all this is. Until I got back into baseball cards, and both reading, and writing a blog. Little details like what those tickets cost never crossed my mind. It's amazing all the little gems I was missing out on, and have since discovered.


  1. $3! For the Rangers? Whoa! That's a steal!

    I can get in my Single-A club for $3, but only on half-priced Mondays for a lawn seat.

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