Sunday, March 10, 2013

Artelopes- Willmar Stingers

With spring training in full swing baseball season isn't far behind. What this means is that It's time for me to be sending out artelopes for business cards, and pocket schedules. Only a limited amount of minor league teams have schedules out so far due to this I did three spring training sites, and one college wood bat league team. Odds are on Monday another series of artelopes will be making their way out. The three spring training schedules should be showing up at the mailbox as well so I should have a good week.

Back to the reason for this posting. The return from the Stingers was exactly what I needed from the team. Lets start with why I wrote the Stingers. There is just something about bee or wasp team names that draws me in. Kind of weird being that I would name my blog 'The Prowling Cat', and possibly be more fascinated with bees, and wasps than with the cat named teams. Such is my life though, an ever-going puzzle.

While the drawing we did doesn't have the teams logo involved, it did turn out decent. I started it trying to keep it simple due to my limited art skills. The daughter then saw what was going on, and hit it with the stripes. Thinking there was something missing she went with the simple bee in place of the dot at the top of the i. Once we get better look out as these guys might be fun to start writing. The previous three seasons the team has done an early bird schedule, and then regular edition once the season starts. So odds are this won't be the last time we see the Stingers appear this season. Now onto the goodies...

5 days
2 schedules
2 business cards
successful return

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