Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nolan Ryan Card... Check

While I'm kind of in a little funk of what to write about. I thought it would be fun to showcase some of the checklists from my Nolan Ryan collection.

There came a time when checklists went from those boring yellow cards with lists of cards on each side. We all remember those cards don't we? The card that you looked at and threw into some corner like it had been a bad child. Then later on you were searching everywhere as it hit you those checklists were the last few missing cards for your set.

Then a wonderful thing happened. Someone in one of the card companies came up with the idea of adding a picture to the checklist. This simple idea has forever changed the checklist.

No longer did these cards end up being cursed at as a wasted card. They have become something to player, and team collectors. I remember seeing lists for the cards, and there was Nolan Ryan as the background for a checklist. As a Ryan collector I had to have it.

While I have just gotten back into collecting cards the last four months after a long break. The checklist is one thing I haven't researched since returning. Are they still around? Do they still have player pictures on them in hopes of still being relevant? Will have to spend the time one of these days, and relearn about the almighty checklist.

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