Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Artelopes - Mariners & Rockies Spring Training

On Monday the fourth I sent off three of the famous artelopes to spring training. On Monday two of the three came home with some stories to tell. First was the Seattle Mariners who are in Peoria.

I have to admit that this wasn't my best work. You could even go out on a limb, and say it might even be the worst artelope to date. This means it's kind of ironic that what I got back in return was a huge disappointment. Crumby  envelope, crumby return.

The reason for the disappointment is I got the Kyle Seager in January from another collector. Add in that the entire reason for this mailing was to get a Mariners spring training schedule. The type of schedule that isn't pictured above because the return didn't come back with any. I'd say it was a disappointment, but it was the Mariners. Disappointing people is what they do best.

7 days
2 Mariners regular season & 1 Cactus League


Looking at the envelope I see you are thinking why did he post this as the Rockies? While it does show the logos for both the Diamondbacks, and the Rockies. My main goal was to get schedules from the Rockies. Since the Diamondbacks, and Rockies have started sharing a field my results from the stadium have been awesome. This return was no different as they sent everything I had hoped for plus.

Not only did they send the shared schedule they put out for spring training. They included a schedule for both teams. This saves me two stamps as I won't need to mail the Rockies until their next cover appears. Then they topped it off by including the Cactus League schedule like the Mariners did. This is the first year I have ever gotten those schedules in return. Included, and not pictured was a business card as well. I already have a business card from the facility, but it's a general thing I ask for when I write teams. You never know if the design changed unless you keep asking. A return like this is something the Mariners could learn from.

7 Days
1 Cactus League, 1 facility schedule, 1 Diamondbacks, & 1 Rockies
1 business card


  1. I've got a Peoria Sports Complex Padres / Mariners schedule if you need it.

    1. I'd love to get one if possible.

    2. Send me your address and it's yours.

      topps08set at yahoo.com