Friday, March 1, 2013

The Aurora Borealis Ate My Post

I always write my posts the night before during weekdays. The reason for this is in the morning I am a little pressed for time. At night I am more able to think clearer about my post, and go into better detail on what I want to say. This isn't one of those posts as it's being written before work.

I had or I guess the word is have planned. A post about Thursday with some new acquisitions. Those will have to wait though as I just can't do it right now. Instead you will get a little insight into my Thursday night. I sat down at the computer thinking about how to write up my day when it hit me the daughter had an homework assignment due on Friday. It sounded like a fun project in it's a travel brochure on the Aurora Borealis. She is supposed to write it up like she's trying to convince someone that they should go travel to the Borealis.

Two hours later she didn't get very far into it. We could go as far as saying it was nowhere near completion. Then disaster hit. She got a little frustrated and tried to save what she had. Now someplace on the computer that I can't seem to find is her partially completed assignment. Guess this means she'll be spending the weekend redoing the entire assignment. In honor of the assignment I'm not only doing this post, I'm going to showcase uniforms that have a color from the Aurora Borealis.





Hopefully this isn't to long of a weekend and she gets it finished. Would hate to do this again.

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