Monday, March 18, 2013

Cards In The Rain

Got back Sunday from our anniversary trip to the coast. To say nothing went as we hoped would be an understatement. I will start with Friday after work before we left. The dog didn't get along with the step-sons dog so first strike. We ended up having to take the dog with us instead of leaving him home, and being free of that worry. While he wasn't bad on the trip, I had hoped to not be taking a dog outside every few hours.

The second strike came in the fact that by taking the dog it put us in even less of a mood to go far from the beach house. We were already leaning in not going very far from where we stayed, but having him just added to it. Throw in that it did nothing, but rain the entire time we were there.

All the rain, and dog meant I got the opportunity to hit the antique mall which is maybe a mile from the house. I thought about going there or to the card-shop which was two blocks away. That decision was made for me though as I noticed when we went to breakfast the sign for the shop was gone. So to the antique mall it was. I have been in the mall before, and knew there were a couple boxes with singles for sale, and sometimes some of the vendors have other baseball items. While the other baseball items weren't all that interesting. I saw one of those kids plastic batting helmets for the Yankees, and an item I almost pulled the trigger on. They had a huge glass beer bottle with the 2001 All-Star Game logo on it. That's the game played in Seattle at Safeco if you didn't remember. They had the top sliced into a piggy bank style which was cool. I just couldn't pay the 12 dollars which was reasonable I felt, just not something I was sure would have a good home in the hobby room. Passing on those it was off to see if there might be some cards of interest.

There were three boxes. One was the auto's, patches, and other special stuff. Personally I'm still dipping my toes in the water, and haven't found that one card that ways spend a minimum five dollars on me for the collection. Being this was an antique mall, and not a dealer I could negotiate with I passed on looking through those two boxes. The few I did see seemed a little high for me which added to that thinking. The third box caught my interest with a five for a buck, or 30 cents a card written in pen. Wanting to get something I started the search, and pulled out my first find.

A second, third, fourth, fifth, and finally sixth card made it into a stack.

I could have done without the Upton, but thought what the heck. Maybe one of the readers might have an interest in this card so I picked it up. If you are interested let me know, and it's yours. Looking around the booth I saw some boxes with prices labeled for a full box of cards. Not wanting to take the chance on what kind of junk they contained I passed, and paid for what I had.

When I arrived back at the beach house the wife said we needed to head up north to get a gift certificate for her dads upcoming birthday. While in town we could hit a couple antique stores, and the Goodwill. Knowing my weakness for Goodwill's I was hooked. After getting the certificate it was off to the Goodwill. Roaming the store a logo baseball had caught my eye, but there was one problem which prevented the sale. I can pick up these balls for anywhere from one to two dollars all the time. Someone in the store thought it was a good idea to package it with seven other hit, and catch type baseballs that were hammered. Then decided to throw a 9.99 sticker on the bunch. I've been trying to stop myself buying these anyways as I've gotten quite a collection going that needs organized before I buy more. Nice to see someone there saved me from myself this time.

Leaving the store the wife was wanting to get back so I guess the couple antique stores were out of the question now. She had promised me a few stops so I used the opportunity to convince her to let me stop in at the card shop in town. I'd seen it every time we came through town, and wanted to stop to see what was with this store. Once inside this place was a disappointment. Loaded up with basketball, and football cards he was not a baseball fan. A small case sat in the corner where I started to look, and was thinking about leaving. He then wandered over to pull out a box below. Offering to let me look through the box I couldn't resist. He started going through the box with me as it was nothing but minor league stuff, and he didn't even know what was there. After looking together I managed to pull four cards for the collection.

Strike three followed as I took the cards, but even in my short time back I know I overpaid. These are all commons that shouldn't have cost more than a dollar, but cost me two. Either way they will be great additions into the collection. The McHenry is my favorite of the group. In another post I mentioned we watched him play for Tri-City. So any of his cards I find make it into the collection even at an inflated cost.

Ending the trip I have to say. Even though I struck out with everything else. The baseball card finds were decent enough I guess I'll survive.

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  1. Oooh! I'd be interested in the Upton if you still have it.