Monday, March 4, 2013

Green, White, Checkered Finish - Subway Fit 500

Overall I think I did an awesome job with my picks this week. While I wasn't able to pick the race winner again. This week all three of the guys I did pick finished in the top ten.. Hopefully I can have a streak with a few more races where I pick this good. Then all of you readers will begin to believe I might know something about racing, and am not just some crazy fool. Even if I really am just a crazy fool.

The Winner Is::
Carl Edwards
This is the first win for Carl in 70 races. It was an almost two year drought for the racer. Look at the picture above, and you will notice that Carl drives the Subway sponsored #99. How ironic is it that the race he ends his drought in was the race sponsored by his own sponsor Subway? Hopefully this leads to a better season than he had last year as Carl seems like an all around nice guy.


Jimmie Johnson -- The driver that I picked as my race favorite didn't disappoint. Jimmie ran a good race at a track coming in he said he wasn't very confident in running. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come as if he runs this well in races he isn't sure of, it's going to be a Jimmie filled season of wins. When all the dust settled Jimmie edged out Denny Hamlin by a half hood of his car for a second place finish.

Denny Hamlin -- From reading the Jimmie Johnson results you already know that Denny finished a very close third place. On the final lap Denny made a huge move on the extra wide straightaway that moved him from fourth to second. Coming into the final turn Denny was leading Johnson by close to the same distance he lost the spot by. Still it was a great run for Denny who will hopefully keep this momentum next week.

Jeff Gordon -- Jeff ran a consistent race never really a threat to win. His ninth place finish was right around where he was running all day long. I honestly thought he would finish top five, but a top ten is a good start to his season. You can never count Gordon out of the running so odds are he will enter the race pick, or dark horse realm of my picks in the near future.

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