Saturday, March 16, 2013


While I sit at the coast ready for an exciting day I thought I'd talk about cheese. Why cheese you ask? Here in Oregon we have what I will say is one of the best if not the best cheese-making factories in the country. Usually we only go up to the factory in the summer when we go camping in the north coast part of the state. This is a different type of trip though. This weekend is my one year anniversary with the wife. So in honor of this we are getting to leave the daughter with the stepson, and head over for a getaway weekend. As part of this trip she discussed going up to get some cheese curds. Who am I to say no to something like that.

The only problem is the forecast has been rain so depending on how we feel is whether or not we go get some cheese. Even if we don't go up, and do the cheese thing it will be a great Saturday with some sort of adventure. Thinking about the trip got me thinking about baseball cards. The baseball cards that Kraft put in the cheese slices in 1993. While I know they did other cards which included cards on the mac and cheese boxes. I collected two of the cards from those cheese slices. I've long traded those away so what you see here are pictures from around the internet universe.

As I said it was only two cards back then anyways. Two problems came up when these cards hit the grocery store shelves.

 Problem number one was that when I looked closer at the cards they just didn't have that it factor. Nothing about these cards said to me you need to get the entire set. The couple I got was the old me who picked cards up like this for future value. Not even that attitude was enough for me to try, and build this set.

My second problem which ended up being the big downfall. I have never been able to eat Kraft singles cheese. Now don't get me wrong. I love my cheese more than you will ever know. I am a huge fan of Swiss cheese, provolone cheese, and cheddar cheese. What I am not a fan of is that stuff Kraft calls cheese. You could say I am a cheese snob if you want. I'd be more than happy to admit it too. While I am a cheese snob I don't look down on the people who can eat that stuff. I just can't do it myself. Putting these cards in with cheese I can't eat, and it's no wonder I only ever got two of the cards.

Now if you were attempt a set like this again. Put them in with some Swiss cheese, or some cheddar cheese. I'd build a set of those without even trying. Could be the ugliest cards in the world, and I'd still be in just for the cheese. The cards would be a nice bonus...

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  1. As a kid, I loved Kraft singles, but somehow I totally missed this set. Looks like I'll have to track down a few of these singles. Thanks for sharing.