Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Righting A Wrong 2008 Style

On the 12th of this month I got back a return from the Seattle Mariners spring training facility. Unfortunately the team failed to send me any spring training schedules. All that was included was regular season, and a schedule for the entire Cactus League. That is when a follower of the blog offered to right this wrong. Larry who runs the great blog My 2008 Topps Set Blog posted that he lives nearby, and had a Mariners schedule to offer up.

In typical blogger fashion Larry couldn't end the package there. During our short exchange of e-mails Larry offered up an old spring training program which I jumped on.I'm a fan of reading these type of things so adding one into my collection was an opportunity that I couldn't resist.

Adding to the fun is if you look over Jamie Moyer is an autograph from Yuniesky Bentancourt. When I showed it to the wife who is a diehard Mariners fan. She told me it would have been better looking if he would have rolled it in the dirt, or dropped mustard from a hot dog on it instead of the autograph. She's still bitter over the years, and money the Mariners spent on Bentancourt. I just read her the quote back, and the thought of him made her moan. Personally I love the thing, and can't wait to spend some time cracking it open for reading.

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