Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Cold, A Cough, and Some Cards

If you read my last post I have been sick all week. I tried to power through it, but on Friday the cold finally won. I was forced two, and a half hours into the day to come home as I just couldn't do it. On the way home I had a couple of important stops that had to made. The first stop was to fill up the car with gas so I could make it home. The second stop was to a certain large retail store for night-time cold medicine, and Alka-Seltzer. I've been pumping the night-time stuff all week, and we were almost out so I needed a new load for this weekend.

 While there the idea of adding a few packs of Opening Day to maybe help cheer me up a bit crossed my mind. The most important part was the cold, and flu stuff so off I went in search of something to help ease my pain. Finally finding the night-time stuff we already have, I decided to try some Alka-Seltzer for the daytime.

From there it was off to the card section for some Opening Day treasure. As I started looking around the cards disappointment set in as there was no Opening Day of any kind. The search continued for a short time as it's all I could muster up the desire for. After deciding that this was not going to be my day I thought I might try my luck with two packs of the flagship stuff. For some reason I just couldn't pull the trigger on a pack of Heritage when I could get two pack of the regular stuff for almost a dollar more. Sad to say the packs ended up being a huge letdown.Hopefully there are a bunch of cards for the set I have/haven't started working on.

When I got home the daughter has started to sound like she has caught my cold. Only she is coughing, and I only sneeze, so it might not be my cold after all.

The good news is I got to see some great games Friday with some upsets involved. Throw in it's Saturday now, and while I haven't totally whipped this thing. I am feeling somewhat better. Maybe if all goes well I can do a run up north Monday with a stop at the card shop.


  1. That Anthony Rizzo is the short print version. Trade ya for it…