Thursday, March 7, 2013

1990 Stars and Stripes

The year was 1990 and I was collecting everything under the sun. Much like all the other people who were investing in baseball cards. I was one of the masses who was buying everything in hopes of untold future riches. Unlike some people I bought anything and everything in hopes that these would be the cards that made me rich. One of those things was the 1990 Stars and Stripes football.

When I came across these sitting in a box it hit me that the untold riches never happened. Actually I figured out years ago that the riches weren't coming. It just makes me feel slightly better to try and convince myself that maybe one day it could still happen.

After dealing with the fact that who knows what these cards are even worth. I did something that since deciding to start collecting again the old me would have never done. I didn't go look up what they are selling for online. I gathered up the cards, and thought about writing this post. While the desire to see if these cards are worth the years I've held on to them. The new collector is winning the fight to move on and keep the trend of enjoying cards for what they are.

Unfortunately the enjoying these cards for what they are brings back the memories of acquiring these cards. These cards came one per package with a stick of candy. I remember how the candy was so nasty that at first I would choke it down. At that time I didn't want to be totally throwing away my money so I forced myself to eat that nasty candy.

Besides I did collect cards as a kid when it came with the cardboard gum. So if I could choke that down then eating the sticks couldn't have been too bad. Only it was, and that is why I only have eight of these cards. Chocking down eight of these were bad enough so I never did get even close to completing the set. I guess some sets were never meant to be completed, and for me this will always be one of those sets.

All these cards are up for being claimed so if you'd like any or all eight cards then send me an e-mail, and they are yours.

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