Monday, January 4, 2016

My Day Summed Up In Cardboard (History)

On Sunday when we woke up there was what around here is referred to as snow. If you were to ask my opinion it was a thick frost. The problem is later on in the day that snow turned into freezing rain. Monday morning came, and while taking the dogs out I felt like this.

Why you ask? Monday's are my day off, and so I didn't get forced to leave earlier than normal in what is unsafe conditions to drive to work. So no hopping in one of these.

Anyone who did probably felt like they needed to do this before going on any drives today.

I know that I did when the wife announced we needed to head for the grocery store. By then it wasn't as terrible outside, but I still wanted to see everyone following me like this.

It didn't happen though as other drivers didn't care it was slick outside. Two stops later at the post office, and the gracery store. We made it back home where I was feeling.

Now all that is left is to thank Billy the head man over at Cardboard History for 51 awesome Kyle Busch cards. Without those cards I wouldn't have been able to sum up my day in cardboard.

As for the remaining cards that didn't get their time today. If all goes well I want to get back to summing up Kyle Busch's NASCAR season each week. During that time those cards will make appearances in those posts to be done every Sunday evening, or Monday morning.

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