Monday, January 18, 2016

I Wanna Be Like Mike

Dating myself a little here I remember being either close to, or actually 22 when Gatorade did a commercial. That commercial urged us all to "Be Like Mike".

While doing research for this posting I had originally planned to ask if anyone out there remembered this ad campaign. Not the campaign itself, but in its original version? I say this because when plucking the original picture this came up.

I guess they did a special redigitalizing of the ad, and showed it during the 2015 NBA all-star game. If we watched the game here at The Cat House then I might have known about the redo. From what little research I have done word is they ended it with #BeLikeMike.

So what does any of this have to do with cards? Even more nuts is what does any of this have to do with not just cards, but with baseball cards? I'm glad you asked.

Last week a PWE arrived from TradingBases member Mike.Contained inside was a nine card page cut into a three card page, and holding six cards.

Starting off with two Rockies cards is always a good thing.Even better is when they fit into the 2008 Documentary Colorado Rockies set that has been getting hit real hard this past month.

Just as cool was the chance to add four more into the Mariners games from the same set. I'd like to say that the Rockies additions were my favorite in this PWE. The problem with that is the Mariners cards had the star power of two Ichiro's, and a Felix.

No matter how hard I try I will never be anything like Michael Jordan. The closest I ever came to dunking a basketball in a game was at a city league game the year I graduated high school. Hitting the jump shot was never my thing as I was a garbage man who grabbed rebounds, and tried to put it back in.

Despite all those shortfalls I can still be like one Mike, and surprise people with awesome PWE's. So I guess maybe I can still "Be Like Mike".


  1. The closest thing I've done like Michael Jordan was stay a night in Chicago....