Monday, July 6, 2015

Right On Target

On Monday the 29th there were the usual Monday errands to be done. This weeks included a stop out to Costco for work related snacks for breaks, and my favorite stop Goodwill. As a special treat the daughter decided to go, and keep me company for the cool price of one Black Rock drink. While making the rounds a text came in from the wife mentioning that Target had shorts for the daughter on sale. A little coaxing followed as I tried to convince the daughter to do a quick look. My agenda was that they might have some sort of baseball card deal I could hit on for a few cheaper packs.

After doing the clothes thing I headed off for the cards as she tried to steer for the checkout line. It took a mere second for her to realize my will was stronger than hers, and we were visiting the card section. That is when the decision was easily made due to a white sign directly in front of the 2015 Opening Day. Reading a cool 69 cents per pack I figured that 12 would be a good number that ran around 8-10 dollars.

As we made our way to the checkout she threw in a pack of gum, and we were set. Not so fast, as the cards all rang up at 99 cents. Watching, and mentioning the sign our cashier rushed to the cards for a quick look. Sure enough there was an old sign for an expired ad that had the cards for 69 cents. Working her magic she overrode the 99 cent price, and gave me the 69 cents on the sign. As she was doing that another teammate was going through the section pulling all the signs for other cards that fit the same not on sale bill.

With nothing earth shattering here are the highlights of 12 Opening Day packs. She opened all the packs while I drove so as a special treat they will come with some opinions of a 15 year old girl.

Superstar Celebrations were fun cards that she really enjoyed the silver foil on.The three players didn't do anything for her, but she thought the pie in the face was pretty cool. If she saw enough of them I bet she'd change her mind, and dislike them like most people. Hit The Dirt she was luke warm on, and thought look ok with the sliding guys.

Madison didn't even get a seconds notice. This subset did absolutely nothing for her, and was discarded quickly. Franchise Flashback got a real good look-over as she thought the design of the card was very cool.

"What happened to his face?" Those were her exact words as she first laid eyes on Yu Darvish's card. While the card isn't a subset I had to share this awesome stunner from her.

As collectors I have heard some bashing, and other who enjoy the Stadium Scenes cards. The bashing came mostly in the form of the fact that they could have picked some better photo's to use. What I can say is she really enjoyed these two cards, and they might honestly be her favorite from the 12 packs. That means Topps knew what they were doing when they created this subset as my kid seems to enjoy them atleast.

Out of all the subsets I have always collected the mascot cards. The daughter isn't a huge fan of the mascots, and is kind of bleh on these cards. One thing she did notice, and brought to my attention was the Clark card. She feels if you look closely that the little girl has a look of horror on her face. Even went as far as to say the girl seems to be trying to get out of Dodge. Giving it a closer look I think she might be on to something there.

Last is the blue shiny cards. These caught her attention as she loves shiny. Nothing huge here, but they are good looking cards.

The thing that got me the most about these 12 packs was this. Out of all these cards the only ones I can use for my personal collection is three mascot cards. Not one Mariners or Rockies player made an appearance in any of the 12 packs. There were no Mike Trout cards included anywhere, no nothing. It's amazing that through all these cards I couldn't walk away with something to add into the player collections, but I managed to pull it off. What it was is a reminder on why I haven't bought very many packs this year, and joined the group of buying the cards I want straight up. Now if only I could make it to a card shop again, or a card show to use this idea. The show part won't be happening until sometime in August at the earliest as things are crazy busy right now. Once these things do happen though I will be ready to spring into action. Until then I have 69 cent Opening Day packs to remind me of the strategy.    

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  1. Your daughter has great taste. I too think those Franchise Flashbacks are really cool. Although we differ in opinion when it comes to the mascot set. Those are even cooler.