Monday, July 8, 2013

Artelopes- Lexington Legends 2013

With baseball season in full effect I have started to work a little harder on getting envelopes sent out while the weather, and season is hot. One of those was this simple artelope that was sent to the Lexington Legends.

While the envelope was one of our more simple ones we have sent out all season. What came in was fun to see, and just has to be shared.

Not a bad looking set of pocket schedules, and business card. This was the reason I contacted the Legends. Something about that old time baseball player logo has just been very cool in my eyes. Despite the changes to the logo in the last ten years since I started collecting. The baseball player has been the constant just with a new look each time. Adding into the new look to the logo was that Lexington changed affiliations to the Royals this off-season. What that means is the collection needed a little updating to reflect the new affiliation. Even with all this going on the coolest part of this entire return was the thing my daughter noticed. While I was excited about getting a great return she asked to see one of the three business cards included, and promptly.

Obviously someone in the area realized how hot the whole mustache thing is right now, and might even have a sense of humor. If that wasn't their intent then it is now.

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