Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Battered Bastards of Baseball

Normally I don't do reviews on documentaries, but after watching this one on Friday I felt the need. One of the many reasons for deciding to do this was because of who recommended watching it. The wife's sister, and her husband were the two who recommended this documentary. When I heard from them about this documentary I was stunned. While they enjoy documentaries, they are nowhere near sports fans. For these two to say we needed to watch this show. We had no choice, but to see it at the first chance possible.

Making it one of the first things we did when arriving at the beach house. I had forgotten about it, but the wife quickly remembered. So we made the time, and got to watching.

This great documentary chronicles the history of the independent Portland Mavericks. Being we live in the Northwest, and are baseball fans. I have to admit that until watching this documentary we only knew the team had once existed. I should be embarrassed to call myself a fan, and know so little about this local team. After watching this I am now proud to say we know tons more about the Mavericks.

To sum up this documentary I will keep it simple. If you have Netflix, and haven't seen this documentary then make time to do it by this weekend. I personally am not a huge fan of documentaries, but I am highly recommending this one. There was not one second in the entire 79 minutes I was bored, and that is rare for me.

If you have seen it I would love to hear what you thought about it.


  1. Probably the best baseball documentary I've seen.

  2. I watched it based on Night Owl's recommendation a week or so ago and loved it!

  3. I thought it was pretty good. I've read some criticism of it based on the subject - the Mavericks were older players beating up on teams of kids just out of high school and college, there were some other "exploits" that the team was famous for that weren't mentioned at all - but it was really well done, and like you said, pretty engaging, not any lull time, kept a good pace.

    Interesting to hear about independent teams - those not affiliated with any MLB clubs. Without the constant promotions, the city got to know the players, which is something that, as a MiLB fan, I can't relate to. I went to opening day for the Round Rock Express and there were only a few in the starting lineup that were still with the team at the end of the year.

    Anyways, yeah, definitely worth a watch.