Monday, September 1, 2014

Making Progress

It has been a somewhat slow yet busy weekend here at the cat house. On Saturday we needed to do some running around, and getting the daughter her school supplies. Usually we aren't last minute people around here, but for some reason we were in this instance. Adding to the fun was the wife needed some stuff in Albany. That meant a trip into the Goodwill, so I was in.

My trips to the thrift store have been yielding very little lately, and I am fine with that. Since I've gotten the hobby room almost complete, and realize I have way to much stuff for the room. This means I have to be very careful on what I buy as a plan for its spot, and what may have to leave must be thought out first. Keeping all that in mind I didn't even come close to finding anything worth a small consideration. No big loss though as the tide will turn eventually, and something cool will follow me home.

On Sunday we decided to do the just sit around, and chill thing. What this did is give me the opportunity to as the post title says, make progress! Going through a Sterilite shoe box I have stuffed full of pocket schedules, magnet schedules, and business cards. I managed to get all but a few things out of the box, and into their binders. The few remaining items didn't make it only because I need four pocket pages to store them in. When I get some of those is anybody's guess as Portland is the only shop I seem to find them at, and who knows when I'll be up that direction. Still I was very proud of the progress, and had to toot my horn here on the blog.

Despite the horn tooting I much like most of us here have a ton of baseball cards, schedules, and business cards in other areas still needing put away. With one item still missing for the daughter's school supplies, and that being a toughie. She wants a backpack, and not just any backpack. She wants the carrier style, which seems to be getting harder, and harder to find with each passing year. I'm not sure how much if anything will get done today. For the first time I'm actually running with a sort of plan which should help get it completed at some point.

As for what is still missing in the hobby room before full completion. I need to get the futon from the sister-in-law, and hang pictures. The futon thing is so simple, and makes me wonder why I still haven't done it. Would have attempted this weekend except her, and the husband left town for the weekend. The pictures are a bit tougher as I have empty frames that need things in them. I've been trying to go through some of my scorecards, and other fun items with artwork to put in the frames.Then comes the deciding where to put each frame on the wall. I think that should be easier once I figure out what is going in each frame. Eventually it will all come together in one glorious swoop. Until then I'll just keep puttering along by putting cards in their binders.

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  1. send me your address and I will send you the four pocket pages