Friday, September 26, 2014

A Lion Of An Artelope

Once again feeling like I want to write, but not do too much. I figured why not show off my latest request from the Detroit Lions.

I think I did a decent job with this request. The only thing I could say is while you can tell that it is a cat, but I'm not sure about the lion thing.

As with my other two returns from NFL teams this was all that was inside the return envelope. What this means is unless the two remaining returns come with a business card inside. I will pass on sending out more requests to NFL teams. From there I will move onto NBA, and the remaining NHL teams still missing business cards.


  1. Is the Stafford a card? Pocket Schedule? Whatever it is... it's pretty cool. But not as cool as your antelope.

  2. Have you ever sent requests for any of the "Fan Packs" that can be requested throught the NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB? I;ve thought about trying it but I haven't heard of too many success stories.

    1. Most the teams have caught on to this, and some want you to send them a mailer with the postage for the fan pack. Other teams still send you the pack, but have methods you need to use for the request. If you ever plan on attempting it I would visit the teams website, and see how they say it needs to be done.

      Like you I haven't ever sent off for a fan pack, but I've seen the info on them at various places.