Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Chase- Four Go Down

In what looked to be a boring race ended up being another thriller. While the first 250 laps were a borefest that was dominated by Kevin Harvick. On lap 252 Harvick suffered a flat tire only a few laps after a caution, and brought out another caution. Starting towards the back he never recovered, and finished one lap down when it was over. What all this did is clear the path for the eventual winner.

More than anything the thrill was with the eight drivers who were fighting for four spots, and the chance to remain in the chase. Changing who was in, and who was out multiple times throughout the race. When the smoke had cleared the four drivers left holding the bag, and now racing the seven remaining races for pride were A.J. Allmendinger, Kurt Busch, Greg Biffle, and Eric Almirola. Dinger missed the cut by a mere two points, and Busch missed the cut by six. Adding to the frustration for Busch was until the last twenty or so laps he was in by two points, but lost a bunch of spots in those last few laps.

Our driver Kyle Busch was looking good going into the race as he was up by 28 over the 13th place competitor. Starting in second all Kyle had to do was run a clean race, and move into the Contender Round. In the end he did just that bu finishing tenth. Looking like he might finish around seventh or maybe even eighth. A few cars came up on the driver who was then told to just let them pass, and not risk anything bad happening. Listening to the advice Kyle finished the round in sixth place.

With all the drivers points reset, and no one having any sort of an advantage now. Next week will be a tough one for our favorite driver though. Historically Kyle hasn't run very well in Kansas, and usually just tries to survive the race. From there things will get more exciting for everyone with a race in Martinsville. Then comes the wildcard in Talladega. With the strong possibility of getting caught up in a wreck always lingering. No matter what you do in the first two races it could all be undone by the actions of another driver around you losing control of his car, and taking you out with him at Talladega.

If he can make it out of this round into the next things will be tons more favorable for Kyle as the three tracks after Talladega are better track for him. No getting ahead of ourselves though until four more drivers are eliminated.

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