Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Chase- Race 2

Back again for your weekly dose of the NASCAR chase. In what started out to be another of the uninteresting races that we've had this season. Things took a quick turn as the last hundred laps were full of caution after caution. In a classic example proving the old expression cautions breed cautions to be true. There were wreck after wreck in the restarts followed by a blown tire for one of the chase favorites Jeff Gordon. In the end another Penske driver Joey Logano finished first, and will advance to the next stage.

(once again this card comes from an internet search)

For the sixteen race drivers things got quite wild. None of that proved more true for our favorite driver Kyle Busch. Part of a wreck while running in the top ten. Kyle fell back, and looked to be heading for disaster in the standings. As all the cautions started to fall the team was able to patch the car up best they could. At one point they had fallen back to 23rd, and one lap down. With the cautions coming in bunches they made the repairs, and finally got back on the lead lap. Scratching, and clawing all the way back into an eighth place finish. 

The great thing about the top ten finish is Kyle was looking to finish seventh or eighth before the crash. So finishing in that same spot after everything the team went through was a win in itself. Adding to the great finish is that Kyle moved up two spots to 5th in the standing, and 28 points up on 13th place Denny Hamlin. This leaves things looking good for a move into the next stage of 12 drivers. Everything can change though depending on who wins the race, and any problems that face any of the 16 chase drivers. It has gotten quite insane in the mistakes department for all the teams. So there is no telling what obstacles the teams will be facing next week in Dover.

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