Friday, September 19, 2014

The Affiliate Dance. Rockies Changing Dance Partners

While one of the changes was a forced change. One that was already made I can see, and the last is still yet to be announced. Interestingly while I sat here, and read about the three changes. I couldn't help, but think about how these changes will or won't affect my collecting habits. The final change could affect much more. Like possibly my habits when it comes to watching baseball games.

First off we have the changes when it comes to the Triple A.

From the
To the

I keep hearing that the team made this choice for a couple reasons. Simply put the Rockies haven't been happy with their Colorado Springs affiliation for years. From what I can tell the run just kept on going because it's what the fans wanted. Everyone was fond of the fact that the teams were just over an hour way from each other. This helped in the Sky Sox attendance being their fans hoped some of the players would one day make the big team. I just talked to my friend who has the sister that lives in Colorado Springs today. He mentioned how not only was she upset about the change, but the entire area is upset.

The bad news for Colorado Springs is we are in a new era of affiliations than we were when the two teams first joined forces. When they first got together teams liked having their affiliates close. It made life so much easier when you called a player up to get them faster. Now there are so many more factors that teams take into consideration, and these were what doomed the Sky Sox.

In my collecting habits I am on the fence about how to deal with this move. I have been collecting all the schedules from the different Rockies affiliates since starting into schedule collecting. Unless something strange happens this next season I will end this practice. I have enjoyed collecting every Sky Sox schedule I could get my hands on, and odds are will continue. Getting Isotopes schedules just isn't something I feel interested in right now. The other dilemma will come if my friend gets some new Sky Sox things when he visits next time.

Second, and the first move announced was the Double A.

From the 
To the

This move came due to the Los Angeles Dodgers wanting to make the move to Tulsa. Honestly, while I am a Rockies fan. If I was a minor league team, and had to chose it would be to go with the Dodgers. So doing what they felt was best the Drillers moved on, and are now affiliated with Dodgers. Colorado was thus forced to mov on, and signed on with the New Britain Rock Cats. From my reading, the word is that Colorado was affiliated with New Haven from 1994-1998. Much like that affiliation I don't expect this one to last very long. Call me crazy, but that is just the way I feel about this move.

Getting back into how this will affect the collecting habits. I have enjoyed building a great collection for the Drillers. Changing to the Dodgers won't change this one single bit. The team has been awesome when I write them for schedules, and that has added to my fandom. Tulsa is one of those teams I have become a fan of, and no longer being affiliated with the Rockies won't change that. As for collecting New Britain schedules, or anything else from the team. Much like the Isotopes, I have zero interest in adding anything from the team. New Britain is a worse feeling than Albaquerque with me though being I don't expect the relationship with the Rock Cats to last long.

The one I'm looking most forawrd to is the still unannounced Single A short-season Northwest League move. Still not having signed with any team, but with a possibility of a move.

From here
To here
or here

So far I have heard no rumors or anything on what will be happening in the Northwest League. What I do know is all three of these teams are currently in play. A change from Tri-City will be bitter sweet to me for a few reasons.

When the Rockies first came into baseball their Northwest team was the Bend Rockies. The girlfriend I had at the time, and myself would drive up and stay in Bend all the time to watch games. It was awesome to have my favorite MLB team with an affiliate so close. Bend then made the move to Portland, and became the Portland Rockies for a few seasons. After those years the team moved again, and formed what is now the Tri-City DustDevils So the Devils have been affiliated with the Rockies since day one. For myself it has been a tough relationship as I usually only get to see the team once or twice when they play in Eugene or Salem.

This all leads up to why this is so exciting for me as a fan. Even with Boise in the mix I keep telling myself that Eugene is where they need to be. If this happens my baseball watching will take a huge change never imagined. You will be talking about my favorite team's affiliate being within reach for constant watching.  While we go to Emeralds games a decent amount every season. I always root for the Dust Devils when they play each other. Those days will be long gone as I would be thrilled to cheer on a team I already cheer for every game other than Tri-City. If we can make it for all weekend games you bet I will be there. Salem, and the Volcanoes who we watch maybe two games for a year will be dead to me. That is unless Eugene is up playing them then we might make the run up. So if you can't tell I want to see this move.

Another team in the mix still is Boise. Much like Eugene, and Tri-City, Boise has been with the Cubs forever. Seeing the two end that relationship is just as stunning as the other three. The move to Boise is something I don't even want to consider as it leaves things basically where they are now. The Rockies affiliate too far away from where we are.

Then there is still the possibility of the team staying with Tri-City. While I've enjoyed it, and talked about the bitter sweetness due to the history. Hearing Eugene is a possibility has me ready to see the move made. So come on Eugene, and Colorado. Make this thing happen for my sanity atleast.

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  1. I was just reading on about all the teams that are moving. Seems to be commonplace now. I'm excited as the Pirates short season team is moving to Morgantown where I live. WVU is building a beautiful new park which they will split with the minor league team. I'm super pumped!