Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bears, and Giants artelopes

I'm going to be totally honest here. I have some posts that odds are will be tons more interesting to read waiting in the wings. The problem is today I'm just not feeling like putting the effort into either of those posts. What I do hope is that tomorrow will be a different story as I have some sweet stuff to show. Until then you get to see two results from my latest batch of artelopes.

Not exactly my best work, and I'll admit it. The idea was to go with paper that was ripped by bear claws. Sadly my art skills aren't up to making it look like it did in my mind. I realize that my skills still need some work, and this is an example. The best part is I made the attempt, and that is part of doing this.

The good news is the Bears sent me five of these schedules that I can now look to trade. The bad news is the return didn't include a business card like I had hoped for.

Another of the artelopes from this same batch. I think this one came out much better than the Bears request.Thinking up ideas for a request to the Giants I thought why not just do the team logo. Then I just added the ew, and the ork around the logo.

Sad to say I didn't fair to well with the Giants. Not only didn't I get the business card that I had wanted. The team only sent one schedule in the return. Not a bad looking schedule, but I'd enjoyed getting another one or two with it.

Currently there are another three artelopes as part of this set of requests. Odds are the remaining three will start appearing in the next few days. From there I will decide if my results were good enough to write more NFL teams, or move on towards another project.

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