Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Bearcats Football

Every year around this time of year I collect the Cincinnati Bearcats for football schedules. It has been a ritual that has changed over the years due to circumstances. Originally I wrote the team hoping they would send me all the cover, and sponsor variations. Luckily the university would hook me up with all those covers. Back in those days life was good.

Then the day when life got even better. Another collector who lives close enough to the college that he would go in person. This opened up the opportunity to not just guarantee every cover, but to trade for them, and save a stamp. It was a relationship made in heaven for my collecting. Then suddenly he stopped, and my collection has never recovered.

Banking on him picking up the schedules. For a couple years I didn't write the team for either football or basketball schedules. What this did is create a hole in my collection that I still hope to fill one day. Realizing the dream was over I once again went back to contacting the school myself.

All this leads back to today. As you can tell by the absence of an artelope in this post. Said collector has once again appeared. What this did is result in a trade of local schedules I had for Bearcats schedules. Hopefully this trade relationship goes back to its roots as I'd love to keep adding all the Bearcats schedules once again. If not I will be better prepared this time to keep the collection going. Until then though I will bask in the glory that is these schedules.

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