Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Closing Out The Baseball Artelopes

With baseball season coming to an end for my two MLB teams. Despite the claim some would make that the Rockies were done months ago. I thought it is time to close out the baseball artelopes for 2014, and start with a clean slate of the new stuff for other sports going out. So without beating around the bush too much here they are.

This was my second attempt this year with the Knights. Early in the year I had gotten a great response from the team. Included in the response was a letter letting me know that the team had just moved into a new ballpark. They hadn't fully unpacked yet, and so their business cards were unavailable at that time. Waiting until late in the season I sent out the envelope above, and got nothing.

Sitting around bored while doing our garage sale. I came up with the idea of a bat hitting a baseball. While I don't think it turned out terrible, it didn't turn out as I had hoped either.

Sadly though the Lemurs have been around for two seasons, and for the second consecutive season I got nothing in return. I don't believe it is just me as their schedules seem to be on most collectors wantlist. As with this season, and last I will give it one more shot next year. Maybe giving it an earlier in the year attempt might help change my luck.

Out of the three failed returns this one hurts the most. The second envelope to come out of the garage sale bored batch. I enjoyed how this came out, and wanted to show it off with atleast some pocket schedules. Instead it is getting showed off with two more failed attempts.

On the things that make you wonder front. All three of these were sent out on exactly the same day, and all gave the exact same results. I can't help but wonder if somehow they didn't get close to their destinations, or if I waited too long in the season before writing all three teams.

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