Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Junkie Delivers

It has been a very long time since I last got anything in the mail from a fellow card collector. While I'd like to blame it on people not trading with me. The truth is I am the one the blame falls on. Looking at my records of cards being sent out. I hadn't mailed out anything on my end since some time in June. That is an over two month gap of not sending out a single package of baseball cards.

With a gap like that, how can you expect any cards to show up in the mailbox? Then you have the fact that my blogging has taken a turn to being very slow lately. Throw in the final kiss of death being most of those posts are about the artelopes, and other schedule trades.

If you aren't showing cards or thanking people for sending you stuff then how do you get people to send things? So once again it all comes back to me.

Hopefully the tide is about to turn though. Just this morning I sent out two PWE's to people in the online trading group I am in. The importance of that is it should lead to me getting my act together, and mailing more stuff out. Some of those need to be going to some of you out there like the great blogger T.J. from The Junior Junkie. As most the blogging world already knows T.J. writes some incredible stuff about his Ken Griffey Jr. collection. Lately he has expanded his work, and started talking about some of his other lesser known cards. Should be a great journey that I'm looking forward to following along with.

Why all this mentioning of T.J. you ask? Not too long ago T.J. sent out a big group of packages to people, and luckily for me this cat was one of the recipients.

Even with most leagues either completed or in post season mode. Getting three Zephyrs schedules is a sweet addition to the 2014 schedules collection. Doing a little research on the team, New Orleans finished 70-74 and failed to reach the playoffs. I guess there is always next year.

T.J. thank you for the schedules, and hopefully the motivation to send out a big batch of stuff myself.

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