Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Downs Goes For The Tough Stuff

There are times when the sets I am working are fall under the category of why? Those sets that are nearly impossible to complete because no one liked them. The cards have become hard to find, and something I have been told would be better get from ebay.

While that would be a good idea, and a way to finally cross these off the wantlist. I can't help, but want to finish these things the old fashioned way. Doing a trade, and having them find their way into my collection as the return portion of that trade. Helping to make this dream happen Jack Downs from the online trading group TradingBases hit me with some of those seldom seen cards.

2008 Documentary might not be the most popular of sets, but I like it. Yes, I've heard all the complaints about how they used the same pictures over, and over again. I've heard about how the pictures didn't even come from the game that the card represents. I've heard about how sometimes the player pictured on the card didn't even play in that game.

Despite all these complaints I enjoy this set. The thought that I can look at these cards, and see the final score of the games my team played in during the 2008 season. The bad side is I am both a Rockies, and Mariners fan. So you would think that I'd try to forget past seasons like 2008. Maybe I'm just begging for punishment, and this feeds that desire.

Not only did Jack send ten cards for the 2008 Documentary Rockies, and Mariners. He sent another six cards for one of my player collections.

It's crazy to think that when I started this blog Tex was one of only two players I collected cards for. Oh, how things have changed since starting this blog almost two years ago. Now there have been new players thrown into the mix of guys I collect. A list that has gone through a few changes of additions, and subtractions. Even with all these changes Mark Teixeira ranks as the second largest player collection I have. Number one is the guy I have collected for years Nolan Ryan, and probably will collect as long as I collect baseball cards.

Thank you, so much for the nice additions to not just my player collection, but to my history of 2008 sets Jack. Nothing is sweeter than being able to add a few cards to another long forgotten set.

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