Thursday, October 2, 2014

Clearing The Closet 1

After getting a good share of my collections moved into the new hobby room. There is still a decent sized amount of stuff I either used to collect, or still do. The problem is, with the way things stand right now I have no room to put all this stuff into the new room.

In an attempt to narrow down some of these items I came up with the idea to offer this unwanted stuff here. My plan is to try one post a day for the next week offering up two or more of these for the taking. If I come up with more things, or the success rate is better than I am expecting this might stretch into a month long event. Right now the plan is for a full week though so we will just go for that.

Most of this stuff will be non-sport cards as I collected a bunch of these in the early to mid 90's. Some of these will be partial sets as I was planning on completing them one day. One day has never come, and at this point never will. These partial sets are all at your mercy on their fate. Other sets are complete, but have just never found a home for them.

Anything that goes unclaimed will either go into a box, and odds are one day will end up being recycled or sent to Goodwill. Some might not even make it into a box, and just end up recycled or Goodwilled. So if you see something you want stake a claim, and it is yours. I'm not asking for anything guaranteed in return, but if wanted to send me some cards, pocket schedules, or something in return then who am I to stop you?

Now with all this out of the way let's get to the first two sets that would love to find themselves a good home.

1991 Yo! Mtv Raps

It was 1991, and rap was hitting the main stream. You look at these cards, and there is no way you would think that these guys were from poor neighborhoods. I'd still love right now to own one of those gold chains, or rings they were wearing. If all this doesn't sell you on needing this set of cards I have just one card left to show you. A card that says it all. 


This set is 100 cards, and has all 100 in it. Just look at the Hammer he's looking for a new home for this set.

1993 WildC.A.T.S

At one time this was a very popular comic book. I wasn't into the comic myself, but at the time I was selling cards at card shows in the area. Hoping to sell the cards, and make my money back on the box, and still have a set for myself. This is a left over set from that idea. I believe I sold a set or two at the time, but I honestly can't remember so who knows if I really did. What I do know is I still have this 100 card set left from back then.

Remember if you want either of these just let me know, and they are all yours. Look for two more sets of something tomorrow in this little project.


  1. No sense having either unclaimed. I'll scoop them both up. And will gladly send you some skeds too.

    1. Sent you an e-mail to what is hopefully the right e-mail address. If not I need you to send me an e-mail with your mailing address so I can send out your cards on Monday.

  2. Those are great! Too legit to quit.