Friday, October 3, 2014

Clearing The Closet 2

After seeing both sets claimed fairly quickly I am back with two new sets that are there for the taking. Today's theme has a kind of artistic feel to it.

1993 Star Trek Master Series

These are some very cool looking cards. When they originally came out I bought a box of both these, and the Star Wars cards. All I can say about these is if you are a Trekkie, or just fan of the show this is a must have set. Containing 90 cards the artwork on these are amazing, and well worth adding to the collection.

1994 Keith Parkinson 

Another great set of cards containing art. Keith's collection is full of fantasy art like the one above is full of mostly dragons, and girls. There are lots of other fantasy elements as well, but the dragons, and women dominate the set of 90 cards.  Personally the card above is my favorite from the set, and one I believe I have autographed in another box.