Friday, October 24, 2014

The Great Schedule Trade

I know that it has been mentioned a couple times this week, but now it gets its own post. For those that haven't been around, and heard about it. Sunday was what has become a every two year event in my collecting. This event is a day spent trading schedules, and business cards with fellow collector Mike.

It has taken those three trips for me to finally start getting more comfortable with taking schedules not only for my collection, but for trading with others. Since my first trip there Mike has always said take two, or three minimum when grabbing some schedules. It was tough to do that initially as I felt bad just taking some in hopes of trading. This trip though I finally came to terms with Mike's generosity, and took some I could hopefully using in future trades.

More might have come home, but I was focused on going through as much stuff as I possibly could go through. In the other two trips I would end up going through maybe half of his traders. That was not going to happen Sunday as I've gotten a better idea of what is in my collection, and some stuff I needed.

These two 2013 Mike Trout cover Angels schedule are an example. I knew that they existed, but honestly had forgotten until going through Mike's 2013 schedules. Going through his Angels in hopes of finding a Trout schedule. I was reminded towards the end as I spotted the two schedules above.

These two weren't the only schedules I found that have been missed in previous years. Lots of baseball schedules that I have missed found their way into the binders. While I'd love to show off these treasures it's not going to happen. Work was slow today so I came home, and you guessed it. I went through the haul, and put the missing schedules in their place. Trust me when I say I did well.

Adding to all the fun was as I said earlier. Business cards were exchanged in big numbers along with the schedules. Mike had quite a few new designs for teams that I already have, and helped me bag one that I've been going nuts trying for. That is the Laredo Lemurs who have stiffed me both years since their creation. Laredo has been my nemesis since they haven't even sent a schedule either year. No longer will I have to worry about them stiffing me again thanks to Mike.

Some of the best business cards though are the NFL teams I managed to add. Denver might be the only NFL team that gets full representation into the collection regularly. The exception to that rule is when I find business cards that have schedules on them. There was quite an extensive collection of those in Mike's traders, and now I have a big start on a collection of business cards with schedules on the back. The two above would have to be my favorites of the entire batch.

As with the two previous trips to Mike's house. This was a very productive day that I can't wait to do again. Odds are we won't be waiting two years as separating baseball teams, and splitting the mailing in half was discussed. We did this in the past, and it worked out well for both of us being able to save some postage costs. Even with me not collecting every team it still worked out well. We will see if it happens or not for 2015.

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