Sunday, October 5, 2014

Clearing The Closet 4

So far things have been going great with this little project of clearing out the closet in the spare room. Hopefully we can keep the streak alive, and when finished I will have tons of spare room. While you the readers will have some cool sets in your collections. That is the goal of this entire project isn't it?

With today being the first race of the contenders round today will be a bit more interesting than usual. First off, I will still be doing the NASCAR post this evening about the race. Second is I decided it would be cool to make today's theme car related.

1994 18 Wheelers

Before getting started I'd like to point out the obvious. That being the diesel I chose is pink colored, and was done in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

When I bought these cards I was dating a girl, and her dad was a truck driver. We thought it would be a great Christmas present if we put together a set of these cards for him. The problem is to make it happen we had to buy a box of the cards. They were very tough cards to find so buying a lone set was out of the question. What is left from that box is a set of 100 cards that is missing 4 of the cards.

1991 Muscle Cards

While one of the coolest sets I have, it is also the weirdest. What makes this set so cool is the subject of muscle cars. The thing that makes it the weirdest is the set is listed at 102 cards, but has two header cards to make it 104 cards. Those header cards isn't what makes the set so weird. It is the fact that sets are usually 20, 50, 75, 100, etc. This is the only set I have ever seen that contains the crazy number 102. 


  1. Shoot me the 18 Wheelers. I like the odd ball sets, so from your closet to mine (LOL), with the ocaissional glance over with the kids always makes for some QT