Monday, October 13, 2014

Ballin' And Getting Rowdy

I believe I have said a few times in the past month that I have a few posts that are long overdue. Today I will finish up the Goodwill posts that are long overdue, and then move on to the trade posts. Luckily the trade posts aren't near as old as this post.

With an upcoming trip that is a sort of surprise coming up within a month. The wife was looking for some new clothes. Wanting to head north, but there not being any of the retailer she wanted to head into up north. We decided to go south, and see how our luck would run. Figuring this might be a chance to accomplish two things I was considering doing that Monday I was in.

Heading south I had mentioned wanting to go into Fred Meyer to look for a specific Oregon Ducks schedule. What I learned is that they either didn't have any or the schedule doesn't exist. I'm going to say that it doesn't exist to make myself feel better.

Despite coming up empty I hit the jackpot in another way. Directly across the street from the retailer was a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store. This was a store I didn't know existed as I've never gone that far west while in town, and have never done a search for one. Knowing my penchant for visiting thrift stores the wife mentioned we should go over.

Excited about a new stop I headed in ready to find some treasures. Roaming what I will say is one of the most disorganized thrift stores I have ever been in. I managed to find the sports section if only by pure luck. A basket holding tons of baseball caught my attention, and the search was on. Being very selective on logo baseballs these days as I honestly have more than I need. I couldn't turn down this addition to the used baseball collection.

One of the too many collections I have is baseball's from various leagues. Seeing, and being able to add a ball from the PAC12 was a sweet find. Helping with my excitement was that they only wanted 50 cents for the ball. This is by far the cheapest ball I have been able to add into that collection. The crazy part is I kept debating whether or not to even buy the ball, but in the end I thought when will I ever come across another one?

Leaving with my treasure we headed to a Goodwill that was one block away, and another new find. It was a fairly small store, and yielded zero results. These two thrift store are both places I will very rarely visit again if ever. Something in me just doesn't feel like they are worth the extra driving out of the way for them.

 From there we headed to the second stop I had planned for Monday. Earlier in the week the wife showed me a poster the Ducks were to start selling on Monday. Jokingly I mentioned having one would be awesome, and the wife said sure. With her having a Duck fan at work who's birthday was Monday we hoped that maybe they would arrive early. Things were going our way as just as I hoped they were in, and hot off the presses.

It's the 2014-2015 Oregon Ducks cheerleader poster. Just last night it became the first picture/poster on the wall of the hobby room. Maybe it will finally inspire me to start hanging up some of the other pictures I have.

Finishing up with getting the poster at the Duck Store we headed for our final stop. Going into what is one of my favorite Goodwill's, and hoping for the best. As I wandered the store I noticed two things of interest, but left empty handed. Once I was outside that is when things got interesting. The step-son has been looking for a chicken butter dish. Told by the wife it would be a miracle if I ever found one for him. I did not one better, I did two better. Not knowing what these things were I took a picture of a glass chicken, and texted the wife while inside. She didn't get the picture so I showed it to her, and it was exactly what he was looking for. Forcing her to head inside to verify she saw a larger purple colored one, and bought it for herself. What it means is miracles happen in two's I guess.

As we started to walk out I had given more thought about one of the things I had considered while inside for myself. Realizing that I need to slow down on the buying things for the hobby room. I didn't pay attention to my own rule, and bought.

This is a Rowdy bobblehead. Rowdy is the mascot for the wood bat West Coast League Medford Rogues. It was a giveaway from the recently finished 2014 season, and cost a mere 99 cents. If he had cost more than that he would have stayed at the store. For the price he cost though I thought why not see if I could find a space for him. Currently he has found a space among the other bobbleheads which will now have to take a hit every time a new one comes home. What all that means is for another bobblehead to come home it will replace a current one. I have my two picked out that would be the first out, and am honestly considering doing a Clearing The Closet with them as the offer. If, or when that happens is still being determined. As for now I'm still just enjoying the three new additions into the hobby room.

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  1. That Rowdy bobblehead is a little creepy, but cool. Great finds!