Sunday, October 12, 2014

Clearing The Closet 8

After what was a very strong start in the closet cleaning. We seemed to have hit a snag later in the week with many sets going unclaimed. If these still go unclaimed by the end of today some will end their life as cards. They will find themselves in the recycle bin hoping to become something someone out there will use. So if you would like anything on the list, comment on this post.

Before going on with two more batches here is a review of what is still available.

San Diego Zoo- 110 card set
Dream Machines- 100 card set  ::Claimed::
Aladdin color cards, and stickers
Aladdin color cards
Flintstones color cards

If you would like a reminder on what they look like the cards all come from Clearing The Closet 5, 6, and 7.

Now lets move into two self created batches shall we? The theme for these will be Superhero for those that miss the obvious.


There might only be four cards shown in the scan, but it's not everything. I believe I have a batch somewhere between 10-20 cards that are all Spiderman related. I believe there are even more from the Spiderman set in with my old non-sports cards if you'd like those in the batch.

Not only are there Spiderman cards. I have Punisher, and Wolverine if you are a fan of those characters. If you would either like those included, or want one or both guys instead of Spidey. Let me know, and they can be yours too.

Wizard Promos 

For those that don't know about these cards here's the history. Wizard was comics version of Beckett Magazine during its heyday. It was the price guide that was used by most everyone to determine the value of their comic books. Included in most magazines were two promo cards that either promoted upcoming superhero sets, new comics, or just fun cards.

There are 20 cards from various issues, and comic book promo's in this batch. The scan above shows just the four from comics I think might be the more popular characters.


  1. Are the dream machines cards still available? If so please email me at

  2. I'll take the Spidermans and any other Marvel stuff you don't want.

  3. if the promos are still free, I'd love them... let me know. Thanks!