Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Since getting the new hobby room more organized than the old room ever was.Things have hit a form of chaos when it comes to the room, and my hobbies.

While on the outside it appears that things have become more organized than ever. To me the truth is far from that. When it comes to the three hobbies of baseball cards, business cards, and pocket schedules. I have let two of the three fall to the wayside as I have been getting the other organized.

Baseball cards have been taking a front seat to the other two since I started this blog almost two years ago. Since starting the blog I make sure the baseball card wants are well organized, and updated every time a new set is added.

Business cards have been a hit or miss affair these days. Yes, there are moments when I go after new business cards like the college bowl games, and NASCAR tracks. The problem is that if you were to look at the baseball wants it is incomplete right now.

Basketball, and football are a whole different story. Basketball has NBA developmental teams listed that no longer exist, and new teams not added yet. That doesn't even count that New Orleans changed names to the Pelicans, and Charlotte to the Hornets. Football still has teams listed for the Arena Football League that are gone, and new teams unlisted as well. NHL, soccer, bowl games, and NASCAR haven't even started to get wantlists yet. As you can see, the business cards are a mess.

From there we hit the pocket schedules. Much like the business cards, I haven't made a list of schedules missed since starting this blog. So it would be a safe bet to say that my schedules are a mess too. Adding into all this is the trip to Eugene for schedule trading. This trip is what I refer to ass the blessing in disguise. After the trip there is no telling what I have, and don't have in schedule for trade. While I call it trading, what really happens is we both look through the other trade stock, and pull stuff out. When all is said, and done there is no count on who got what. Once finished the blessing is it forces me to go through all my trading schedules, and verify what I have. So it is a great thing for making sure everything is up to date.

Even with all this chaos going on things are looking up. On the bad side my hobby room is a bit more cramped than I expected. Since the other room was such a disaster I bought stuff, and ended up with to much. All this is forcing me to evaluate what is in the room, and will force some tough decisions in the future. It's a slow process as I hate just donating stuff I bought less than a year back to where I got it.

The good news is I have a room where I can lay things out, and not worry about the mess. They can sit there for as long as I'd like. Then whenever I'm feeling like working on the pile it can get done at my own pace. All this gives me hope to catching up with where things were. Maybe I will finally achieve the complete organization of all three hobbies. Then will be the challenge of keeping them organized.

I can always dream can't I?


  1. I just picked up a nice card that fits your player collection. I'll have it to you shortly.

  2. I hope that I didn't add to the chaos with those skeds I sent.

    1. Yours was a very welcomed package. Even took the trade half to Eugene, and I believe he took some.