Saturday, October 4, 2014

Clearing The Closet 3

Today's helping not only veers from the non-sports feel that we have had for the last two days. Keeping with what I did last night it also has a sort of theme going for it. Whenever possible on these I think I'm going to go with a theme as it just seems cooler to me.

So, doing the theme idea for today. We will go with cards that can either make you hungry, or lose your appetite. I guess it all depends on how you feel about what it took to complete the first set. For our second set it all depends on how you feel about fast food, and what it took to complete that set.

1993 Hostess Baseball

Whenever I see these cards I remember eating those baseball cakes that it took to build this set. While some people weren't big fans of those cakes I actually loved them for awhile. As time went by, and I ate more, and more of them I hit the wall. By the end of their time I was so sick of these things that the sight of them would make me curl over.

Now about the set itself for those who don't know about it. This is a 32 card set that is chalked full of stars from 1993. Among the list is Griffey Jr., Henderson, Mattingly, etc.

1993 McDonald's Basketball

If you would like to see pictures of this set here is an ebay link 1993 McDonald's Basketball

For those not in the know on why I am linking, and not showing a picture of this set. Back in February of 2013 a co-worker I was friends with died. He was a huge basketball fan, and despite not being an NBA fan I would learn things to talk. I was the only person at the time who would talk basketball with him, and he'd enjoy talking basketball to someone. I still don't care for the NBA even now as it just doesn't appeal to me. So in his honor this is a basketball card picture free zone.

As you can see from the ebay link. This is a 50 card set with all 50 cards included.


  1. That NBA set is pretty cool, with a lot of players from my personal golden age of basketball collecting. I would like to claim it, if claiming something two days in a row isn't considered too greedy. I am actually kicking myself a little for not jumping in on that Yo! MTV Raps set.

  2. I like food issues, and I need that Joyner for the collection.