Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Padrographs Gives Me The Sheets

During one of my posts a few months ago I commented about needing to get four pocket pages to help. There were some old pocket schedules, and the Colorado Rockies police card set that needed this sized page. Not knowing how long it would be before making the trip north to Portland. I was going to just accept that it would be awhile before I could get the organizing done.

That post was more of a letting people know how I was doing in the project of organizing the collection. That is when fellow blogger, and Padres fan Rod stepped to the plate. Rod e-mailed me asking for the address so he could send me some pages, and keep the momentum going. Adding to the fun is Rod picked up the sheets at the exact same card shop that I was going to pick them up at if I would have gotten them.

Sending me the pages Rod did better than I expected. Included in the bubble mailer was ten sheets that I am still working on filling. The explanation for the unfilled pages is that I have been wanting to do a write up, and so I never filled them up. Something in me knew that if I filled them this long overdue post would fall into the land of the lost.

I know that these have already been shown when I got them in a trade. The only difference is that now they have a page protecting them. All courtesy of Rod, and his generosity.

Now I am having a dilemma that I will attempt to solve this Saturday or Sunday. The dilemma is, in a little over a week I believe that Mall 205 is having a card show. Last weekend I was itching to do the Beaverton show, but something more important came up. Since I didn't get to hit that show I mentioned to the wife that going to the Mall 205 show was big on my list as I'd like to hit one last show this year. Odds are this will be my last chance in 2014 to buy any cards. If I hit the show I need to see where I am at when it comes to all my different sheets before going. Then I can get any sheets needed to keep the organizing project running strong.

Another big bonus would be if Rod was to hit the show I could repay his kindness with a few goodies I've been holding for him. That's a hint to you Rod..

For everyone else, if you haven't been to Rod's site Padrographs. Go check out the sweet collection of Padres autographs that Rod has accumulated over the years. He's done a great job with the collection.

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  1. I am planning on being at the show. Whenever you can be there let me know. Thanks