Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Clearing The Closet 7

Here is the final post that was promised when I started doing these. During the coarse of the month more of these will be popping up, but odds are not with two items in every post.

Missing from today's post is the theme thing that started going along the way. Neither of these sets have anything in common. I just wanted to get these offered up, but didn't have anything matching to pair them up with. So I figured I'll just match them up together.

San Diego Zoo

Out of all the non-sports cards I ever collected. Cards with animals on them were, and still are my favorites. When these cards first came out I bought two boxes, and built multiple sets. The big reason was I wanted a full set that included all the special cards to make this a complete set. Even buying the second box it took a few years before I finally had the special cards to complete my personal set.

Over the years I either traded or sold all, but this one last set. It is a beautiful set of 110 cards that contains some information about the animal on the back of the card.

Exotic Dreams

When I built this set it was for two reasons that are obvious by the picture above. How can you not love a set of cards with beautiful women, and fast cars? Some of the cards like the one above I believe were posters at one time. With 100 cards in the set there are only a few with women which is great as this set is about the cars more than anything.

Hopefully everyone out there had some fun atleast seeing these sets more than anything. There are still some cool batches of cards available so if there was one or more you thought about claiming, but didn't. Go back, and see if they are still available. Then stake your claim as I'd love to see all these cards find a good home, and not a recycle bin.

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