Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Chase- race 6

I'm going to be totally honest here. There will be no picture, and a very small update on what happened in today's race. The reason is a simple, I didn't watch the race.

Instead of hanging around the house playing with my baseball cards, and watching one of our favorite tracks. I had prearranged plans to head south, and trade pocket schedules. So those plans took precedence over watching the race. After six hours of looking through schedules, business cards, and just chatting. I am left a little too drained to look up pictures, or scan any.

What I did learn it was for the best when everything was said, and done. Brad Keselowski who needed the win to advance into the next round got just that. This left out Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. who both needed a win to advance as well.

The huge surprise came when our driver Kyle Busch was knocked out on lap 140, and finished a very disappointing 40th place. Needing to finish 26 or better, or having other finish worse than they did. Kyle missed the cut by seven points. Hanging out at the back of the pack didn't pay off as Kyle was rear-ended, and sustained what was race ending damage. Under the circumstances the team practically rebuilt the entire car, but it wasn't enough. Every race fan regardless of their allegiance has to admit it was a valiant effort. If another wreck would have happened earlier, then the effort would have paid off. Unfortunately the next big one was to late in the race for Kyle's chances.

Now the field has been narrowed down to eight remaining drivers with a chance to become champion. All points are again reset, and the winners of the next three races will become part of the final four. The next highest points over those three races will be added to the group as they run one final race for all the marbles. Should be interesting to see as Jimmie isn't in contention now.

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