Friday, September 5, 2014

It Still Hurts To Watch 8

In what has become a tradition of our trips to the coast. We are leaving tonight for a quick weekend at the beach house. What this means is you get edition number eight of 'It Still Hurts To Watch'.

For those that haven't been around long enough to know what this is all about. Not long after starting this blog we made a trip to the coast. While there, and watching the ocean waves crash into the rocks an idea hit me. The waves coming in was like a play at home plate. You start with the build up of the runner coming home, and the ball making that exact same trip.

Personally this is a great card of that build up if you ask me. While I've featured a couple cards with the catcher fearing the upcoming results. I do't believe I've done a runner with this look.

What a;; this leads to is that moment of impact. The collision that both players know is coming, but still fear the results.

This card shows how you can have a great play at the plate, and not have both guys coming out worse for the wear.It is just a great looking card that still captures that fantastic play at the plate we all love to see.

As with any collision you have the final remains that just lets you know two objects collided.

While not the best card I've shown for this. You can still get the feeling that we just had a play at home, and both men are waiting for a call. From the look on Alomar's face I believe he thinks the runner is out, and the runner isn't sure of what just went down.

On a side note. I have been toying with the idea of either putting all these in sleeves, and putting them in a box or bindering them. I know something needs to be done as I think I've reused a card or two, and sometimes finding them has been tough. I have a decent amount, but have them placed all over the place so sometimes finding them is an adventure. If I binder them I think they would look great in pages with all three across so I get the full effect. This would also prevent me from reusing a card as I could look, and see its been used. Need to think of something while I'm doing the organization. 


  1. Cool idea! I'm guessing the binder would work the best.

  2. If you binder them you could get some of the 8 pocket pages to show off the horizontal cards.

  3. Definitely binders, though I am chuckling at the fact that two of these three cards are Brewers.