Tuesday, March 29, 2016

45 Minutes At Mall 205

Saturday was a special day for this cat as I was able to make a quick stop into the Mall 205 card show. The trip was an unplanned one that I only learned about Friday night.

After hitting two card shows at Mall 205 the plan was to take a break from this particular show for a few months. I'd felt like it had run its course for a few months when it comes to adding cards into the collection. Throw in that I plan on hitting the Beaverton show, and the Northwest Largest Garage Sale on consecutive weeks April 9th, and 16th. With those two huge events coming up I just felt more than anything that It'd be best to save up for those.

Then things took a turn that left me with the option to hit the show, and so I took it. The youngin went to visit the mother for Spring Break. Living in the Eastern part of the state we usually meet up in Redmond, but she wanted to do The Gorge for the return home. If that wasn't enough I got a text saying to meet up at noon. What this did is lead me right past Mall 205, and the card show. How can you not think that was fate telling me to drop in for a quick look through the card show? Not only that, but who am I to tell fate I'm not going to listen?

Realizing that I would only have a small window of about 45 minutes I arrived pretty close to ten, and went right to work. There would be no grazing through boxes that didn't show automatic promise as time didn't allow for that.

Starting off on a good foot I nailed down two very cool items that I will let the blogger I picked them up for show these off once I mail them to him. Soon I came across a dealer that I hadn't seen at the other two shows I'd made this year.

Selling a stack of these style cards for fifty cents, and one of them being Kyle Busch I couldn't walk away without this sweet card. It didn't hurt that it was in a pretty good hard case that is probably worth fifty cents itself.

From there it didn't take long to come across a fairly small box full of card that were 3 for $1.00.

Right off the bat I saw the Torii Hunter, and knew I needed it for the 2003 set. The other two were bought just to get me to the three cards needed for the deal. Odds are I will keep them, and do something with them unless there is a collector out there looking for one, or both cards. If you are said collector the Helton is numbered 385/475.

From there things kept rolling with my final purchase of the day. Another dealer I hadn't seen before was loaded up with tons of regional goodies. Looking back I know there was a bunch of other stuff that I should have bought, but all I walked away with was these.

1998 Mariners Upper Deck Pepsi cards. According to the sheet of paper inside there are 12 of the 19 cards for the set inside. Even as writing this I still haven't checked to see if the little sheet of paper is correct. Included are 10 extra's that I will have to figure their future out. Food issue type cards seem to be popular so if anyone wants one or more of the extra cards then they are up for grabs.

The cards I didn't get from the guy was a bunch of the giveaway team sets, and he had them on the cheap. I'm kind of torn on whether passing on them was a good idea, or something I'll regret more later on. I've picked up a couple different years in the past so it would have been cool to have a run of the cards. The big downside is they came incomplete as the idea was to trade your doubles to complete the set. What are the odds of ever being able to complete those now that it's been this long?

For only having 45 minutes I think I did really good with what I brought home. Seeing all these leaves me wondering what more could have been found if I'd only had more time? No big loss as it was a show that without the different travel plans I would have missed. So I'm just looking at these cards as gravy that I'd never known about.

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  1. Those Pepsi cards look very 2010 Topps in their layout. And some nice pickups for less than an hour of searching.